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How to Make A Vacuum Pump with An Air Compressor? Definitive Guide

Air compressors are of great use. It can be used to pump air, paint walls or cars and many more things. Many tools are operated by this. It have many ranges therefore it can be used to do household things as well as industrial works. There are varieties of air compressors available in the market as well as on online. There are different types of air compressors available for different type of works. You can buy best air compressor for home garage deals in affordable range. It is a machine having many use and it have tank also which also have many use.

One of the important device one can make from an air compressor is vacuum cleaners.But old air compressor makes irritating sound so don’t forget to remove the clumsy sound. Both of them use same mechanism of work. Both of them suck air from outside to inside of it. Air compressor have extra work after this is that it compresses air to operate many tools. This function is called as suction mechanism. This is the mechanism we will use to convert an air compressor into a vacuum pump.

If you have an old air compressor and you are thinking to sell it then wait for a while as you can make vacuum pump from it and you will save money which you would have used to buy one.
It is better to build a vacuum pump with an air compressor in terms of money. With less cost, you will get a decent quality vacuum pump.

However, you may now realize that the article is going to show you- how to make a vacuum pump with an air compressor.
This is not rocket science. You can also do it if you follow the given steps properly.

Let’s get into the deep

Tools you need

Before doing anything to make vacuum pump one should have these tools as this will be in use to do so. Before starting your work, gather all the tools

1. Few feet braided PVC hose pipe with a diameter of ¼ inches
2. Screwdriver
3. steel-filled epoxy
4. Scissors
5. Nippers
6. ¼ inches Hose barb and
7. Hose clamp
These are very common tools and are available in many houses if not, then it is not so costly also so one can also buy if needed. Use gloves and eye protector also.

Step on How to Make A Vacuum Pump with An Air Compressor

understand the air compressor

It is must to know your air compressor very well. To do so you should read user manual of air compressor and understand every part of it very carefully. Then comes the main thing, the opening of air compressor. One should do this carefully. This is the important part to know for converting air compressor into a vacuum pump. Here are steps to help you.

1. Pinch the end of the cap to remove. Most of the air compressors are a pinch to remove the cap. But if your one has different method the remove the cap according to the instruction manual.
2. Now, you can able to see the motor pump of your air compressor. However, you have to find the cylinder. Normally, the cylinder is located beneath the pump. You have to pull or push the motor pump to make visible the cylinder.

Attach the vacuum hose

After opening of air compressor you have to attach the ¼ inches vacuum hose. Use a good sealer to seal the holes. You can also use steel filled epoxy as it will be a better option.
After filling the holes leave it for one day to become hard. After that attach the vacuum hose in it.

Attach PVC hose with barb

Attach the ¼ inches PVC hose to the vacuum hose. You should use clamp just for the sake of safety. This will hold the hose tightly and will save you from any unwanted accidents. If you are sure that the fitting is done perfectly then you can skip this step but, using a clamp will be safer.

create a hole on the case

For a safe and easy passage make a hole on the case according to the diameter of the vacuum hose. Use nippers in that hole and bypass the vacuum hose through the hole.

Reassemble the air compressor

Now, all the steps have been done to make a vacuum pump. You just have to assemble the air compressor and after that you are ready to go.

Since your vacuum pump is now ready to use you should take these safety measures before using it.

1. Make sure all cords are connected correctly.
2. Check the tube before every use if required then change it.
3. Use proper belt guard for the safety of your hands and clothes.…

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