Want to done a makeover of your fridge? Here is your guide about how to paint your fridge.

A well furnished kitchen will be worthless when you have an unattractive fridge in it. Give it a new makeover to look more attractive and Interesting. You can also make graffiti on it. You can also give it a color based on the theme of your kitchen. You do not have to worry if you already have best designer refrigerator in India. If you have white boring fridge then you are at right place. Read this article and then let your creativity flow on your fridge. Let us begin.

Safety measurements

Safety is the first. You should paint your fridge outside if you are painting spray paints. These are caustics and can cause you breathing problems while painting in indoors. You can paint in your garage or any ventilated room. Cover all the inside of your fridge either by newspaper or cloth anything that suits you or seems easy.

Do not paint the area where you fridge door closes as it can do some sticking problem. To prevent this area from paint you can use oil specially mineral oils to prevent sticking of door gasket. Keep masks and gloves handy and do not forget to cover all the area you do not want to cnt either your fridge or your floor or anything your fridge is lying on.

Let us start painting procedure.

Before doing painting stuff never forget to scrub off the surfaces. When you scrub it the paints will have a dry surface which will be better for paints to stick on it. Always wear masks to prevent the dust from going inside of your breathing track which can harm it. Wear latex gloves to protect your skin you can also use hair cloth to protect your hair. You should take these measures if you are doing it first time.

*UPDATE* – Don’t paint where the gaskets attach to the refrigerator to close. Even months later, the door is hard to open and sticks a lot. However, no paint ever came off from this area. You should put a line of mineral oil on the gasket to keep it from sticking so much but professionals advises not to paint that area.

Make an overview of how you are going to paint it and which color you are going you to use for your fridge. It will save your time and you do not have to scratch your head while thinking about the colors. Paint slowly and very carefully. Try to paint every surface evenly and uniformly. Have some tissues handy so that you can wipe off the paints from undesired place. Confirm the texture and thickness of your paint.

After the completion of painting process. Do not remove your mask and gloves yet. Let the fridge to be dry and after sometime when paint is not sticky cover the fridge for whole night at this time all the paint droplets will falls own on the floor. Next day clean the floor first and then refrigerator from inside. You can also use One coat of spray primer and two coats of the matte oil rubbed bronze to give it a sparkling touch.…

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Can your fridge expose your data? Here is your guide to prevent it.

This is the world of internet. In this world anybody connect to anybody they want by just a simple click or may be after some algorithmic calculations. It is useful but, it may be scary as someone can keep an eye on you without of your knowing. This is all due to internet of things(IoT). It’s sale has increased tremendously over the few year. Every nearly billions of devices sold out. According to survey 3 out of 4 Americans does not have any clue about this devices.

IoT devices

The IoT can be any devices or anything which uses chips to collect the data and to have web connectivity. Whether we are taking about car, dishwasher or fridge the manufacturer can identify these things by using some codings and then they will share the command over the internet. But, the dangerous thing about this devices are that it can be used to recieve communications from it. Many of the appliances or devices which falls under the category of IoT are operable through an app or web connectivity. You can control it from wherever. It can be security camera, your front door, your fridge etc.

These enhanced devises are also known as smart devices. It is useful for the people in this busy world where every single seconds counts. For example, a smart coffee maker can make you coffee at time you want. But it also has some security risks. Since this devices are not universally protected and the data is flowing through it continuously our security comes at risk. It is a major threat for people’s security and identity. Since the computers and mobiles manufacturers are using new technologies to prevent it the appliance Industry is very new at it. It will take some time to take action against this security issues.


Proofpoint is a company which do surveys. It has found that the IoT devices are in demand in the world market. “the global attack campaign involved more than 750,000 malicious email communications coming from more than 100,000 everyday consumer gadgets such as home-networking routers, connected multimedia centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator that had been compromised and used as a platform to launch attacks.”said by official of proofpoint’s survey.

Filters can spam as many emails as possible. But, this is possible only when it is known where the message s are coming from. There are many servers of hackers which sends messages to the same person. 25 percent of the emails was sent via non-computer things like laptop etc.

Here are soem tips which will prevent you from spams.

1. Always apply passwords on your mobile phones or any appliances. The passwords.must be very unique not your name or birthday etc which will be easy to guess.

2. Use different emails for your different IoT devices. It will secure your devices and all the details will be send to your email.

3. Be less open to the internet world. Share less personal informations and try to be unique and safe wherever you are or any IoT device you are using.…

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Some useful tips for your fridge. Try it and increase your fridge’s productivity and life.

Evryhousehold have arleast one fridge just to store items to prevent from spoiling. There are many things to be remembered when you are dealing with your fridge. Like, what will be the best temperature for your fridge, what to store where in your fridge, how can one increase the life of food items just by storing them on shelf of fridge. There are many ways to deal with it. Here are some easy but useful tips for you. Let us start.

Best temperature for your fridge.

According to the experts the ideal temperature for any fridge is between 35°F to 37°F. As the temperature increases or decreases from this range the bacteria and fungi starts appearing in fridge spoiling the food it has. It can give you diseases like stomach pain, headache, loose motion etc.

Many fridge have in built thermometer in them which tells the actual temperature of the fridge. If your fridge does not have this than you can also buy it and it does not cost much. You can find it on Amazon in less than 15 to 20 dollars. Check the temperature of your fridge and balance it if it is not the safety range. Freezer of your fridge must have temperature of 0°F or -18°C. Balance it also by the thermometer.

How and where to store food.

There are different temperature in different racks in fridge. A fridge, which is ordinary and simple, have a freezer, vegetable bucket and racks between them. Bottom of the fridge will be cooler than the top of it. The door shelf’s are warmest than anything inside of the fridge.

Upper shelf:- snacks and food which is left after eating can be stored here. It has consistent temperature. It is also easier to take things out from and making it harder to forget about that extra pasta Bolognese.

Fridge door:- milks and eggs should not be stored here! Items having preservatives is the best item to store in the fridge door. Preservative makes them to be resistant to change in temperature which increases there shelf life. There are a compartment in the fridge known as butter compartment . Not every fridge has this but if your fridge have this than sore butter and cheese it as it is made for this.

Meat drawer:- many fridge have special compartment specially for meats. It is designed to be cooler than the other part of the fridge except freezer. Ideal temperature for meat drawer is 36°F. Cooler temperature slow the rapid growth of bacteria and gives your meat a long life and be fresh.

Crisper drawer:- it is the drawer we use to store vegetables and fruits. It is not cooler but 8t controls humidity. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer period of time.
Remember: Not all produce benefits from being refrigerated! Onions, garlic and potatoes should all be stored in a cool, dark place. Tomatoes should be stored on the counter, as should melon. Both will get sweeter and more flavorful as they ripen.…

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Have plenty of wines?

People have now become more addicted to wine. It is good for your guts and helps to release stress. Many people consume wine daily while some take it many tes a day. As the usage of wine is more so, you will buy many bottles from supermarket and then you have to store them. The only safe place to store them is nothing but your fridge.

What if your wine bottle need more space as your fridge already have milk bottles, sauces, and many more things in it. It is time to give your wine their own house that is, go buy a new wine fridge. In the market of wine fridge you are a new costumer and you do not have any idea about its price, how to buy it, what are the measures to take while buying. Do not worry as this article will sort out your problem. Let us start.

The wine bottles we are recommending can store upto 50 bottles of wine. The price of wine fridge will be around low to mid hundreds of dollars in price. But, of you want to buy an expensive one for your precious wines than sorry as this article is not for you. There are plenty of websites you can prefer for buying expensive ones.

There are two types of wine fridges available in market. One have compressor in it just like a fridge have. Second one is the thermoelectric based wine fridge. It is also called as silent as it does not make any sound. It is better option due to its quiteness. But as everything have it’s drawback it also has. It will not coll your wine bottle kuch as the one with compressor will. They take out heat from the fridge but the cool air it brings, is much less than the heat it is taking out.

Compressor units on the other hand is just like a normal fridge. It will cool your wine bottle as a normal fridge can. It will be smaller in size than normal fridge. It is the “hum” of the fridge which will be a bit noisier than the thermoelectric one. It is much better in colling the bottles.which is why we will prefer it for the first time buyers.

Insider Tip: A prominent manufacturer of both thermoelectric and compressor wine fridges has also confirmed to us that compressor is the way to go. They simply make both because both sell.

Then comes the exterior and design which is up to you. Buy the one which will suit you place where you are going to keep it. It comes as woody, metallic exteriors and inside of it has stainless steel racks, you can buy according to your style. Remember that the capacity of bottles depends on the size of bottles. If your bottles are bigger or smaller than you can store more or less according to its size.…

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Description of a 50,000 dollar fridge. Why is it so expensive?

The trend of expensive fridges has started years back ago. It shows your status to the world. World’s first most expensive fridge was manufactures by Meneghini Arredamenti La Cambusa. It was launched in 2012 with the high price of 41,000 dollars. Now Dolce&Gabbana x SMEG fridge limited edition fridge has breaker the oldest price and launched it with whooping cost of 50,000 dollars. It’s product name is SmegFAB28. It is a type of ventilated fridge and it is good for the price you will pay.


Specifications. Good or just exaggerating?

It is 27.5 inch (wide), 23.6 inch (deep) and 57.5 inch (tall). This stats balance the cost of this fridge. But, many experts is giving less attention due the 2012s 41,000 dollar fridge. This does not have coffee maker, ice maker, temprature controller and a flat screen TV which was included in Meneghini one.

But, what drives people towards it is it’s 1950s design with very sensational paint work on it. It is an artistic piece with single door. It was painted by the world’s most respected painters such as Sebastiano Patania and Tiziana Nicosia. They were working on it for 3 months. Then it goes to Italy for assembly process.

It’s manufacturers have designed it by keeping in mind the Sicilian tradition and the aesthetics. They were combined so beautifully which gives this fridge an antique and ancient structure with modern art.

“When you think of Sicily, you think of the colors of the Carretto, the folklore, the history, and the traditions that are linked to this island. The Sicilian cart in the past has benefited the work of farmers and traders, so naturally it has become a piece of art and history.”said Stefano Gabbana, one half of the famous fashion duo


The Dolce&Gabbana have mixed their legacy with the canvas of the modern painter. It is appreciated worldwide by many authorities and many famous artistic personality. It will give a straight idea about Sicilian tradition. “in some areas there is a predominant romantic aesthetics, in others more natural. Some of them feature horses while other ones have Tricarica, the three-legged symbol of Sicily, as main feature and so on,” said Domenico Dolce.

In total, there are only 100 units of this fridges in the whole world. In US there was 9 fridge which was baught here. According to the officials at Smeg USA , the half of 100 units is sold out till now while 2 of the 9 fridges sold in USA was sold as of press date.

This fridge is not for the ordinary persons as it costs suggests. Only an art collector can afford this huge amount for a fridge. Since the condition of this collabration has given them critical success they have decided to launch a small appliances collection which includes a four-slice toaster, Americano coffee machine, hand blender, and free standing kitchen set and many more. Overall it worth its price. A better option for an art collector to invest money.…

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