Want to done a makeover of your fridge? Here is your guide about how to paint your fridge.

A well-furnished kitchen will be worthless when you have an unattractive fridge in it. Give it a new makeover to look more attractive and Interesting. You can also make graffiti on it. You can also give it a color based on the theme of your kitchen. You do not have to worry if you already have the best designer refrigerator in India. If you have white boring fridge then you are in right place. Read this article and then let your creativity flow on your fridge. Let us begin.

Safety measurements

Safety is the first. You should paint your fridge outside if you are painting spray paints. These are caustics and can cause you breathing problems while painting indoors. You can paint in your garage or any ventilated room. Cover all the inside of your fridge either by newspaper or cloth anything that suits you or seems easy.

Do not paint the area where your fridge door closes as it can do some sticking problem. To prevent this area from the paint you can use oil especially mineral oils to prevent sticking of the door gasket. Keep masks and gloves handy and do not forget to cover all the area you do not want to cnt either your fridge or your floor or anything your fridge is lying on.

Let us start painting procedure.

Before doing painting stuff never forget to scrub off the surfaces. When you scrub it the paints will have a dry surface which will be better for paints to stick on it. Always wear masks to prevent the dust from going inside of your breathing track which can harm it. Wear latex gloves to protect your skin you can also use hair cloth to protect your hair. You should take these measures if you are doing it first time.

*UPDATE* – Don’t paint where the gaskets attach to the refrigerator to close. Even months later, the door is hard to open and sticks a lot. However, no paint ever came off from this area. You should put a line of mineral oil on the gasket to keep it from sticking so much but professionals advise not to paint that area.

Make an overview of how you are going to paint it and which color you are going to use for your fridge. It will save you time and you do not have to scratch your head while thinking about the colors. Paint slowly and very carefully. Try to paint every surface evenly and uniformly. Have some tissues handy so that you can wipe off the paints from the undesired place. Confirm the texture and thickness of your paint.

After the completion of the painting process. Do not remove your mask and gloves yet. Let the fridge be dry and after sometime when the paint is not sticky cover the fridge for a whole night at this time all the paint droplets will fall down on the floor. The next day cleans the floor first and then refrigerator from inside. You can also use One coat of spray primer and two coats of the matte oil rubbed bronze to give it a sparkling touch.


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