Some useful tips for your fridge. Try it and increase your fridge’s productivity and life.

Evryhousehold have arleast one fridge just to store items to prevent from spoiling. There are many things to be remembered when you are dealing with your fridge. Like, what will be the best temperature for your fridge, what to store where in your fridge, how can one increase the life of food items just by storing them on shelf of fridge. There are many ways to deal with it. Here are some easy but useful tips for you. Let us start.

Best temperature for your fridge.

According to the experts the ideal temperature for any fridge is between 35°F to 37°F. As the temperature increases or decreases from this range the bacteria and fungi starts appearing in fridge spoiling the food it has. It can give you diseases like stomach pain, headache, loose motion etc.

Many fridge have in built thermometer in them which tells the actual temperature of the fridge. If your fridge does not have this than you can also buy it and it does not cost much. You can find it on Amazon in less than 15 to 20 dollars. Check the temperature of your fridge and balance it if it is not the safety range. Freezer of your fridge must have temperature of 0°F or -18°C. Balance it also by the thermometer.

How and where to store food.

There are different temperature in different racks in fridge. A fridge, which is ordinary and simple, have a freezer, vegetable bucket and racks between them. Bottom of the fridge will be cooler than the top of it. The door shelf’s are warmest than anything inside of the fridge.

Upper shelf:- snacks and food which is left after eating can be stored here. It has consistent temperature. It is also easier to take things out from and making it harder to forget about that extra pasta Bolognese.

Fridge door:- milks and eggs should not be stored here! Items having preservatives is the best item to store in the fridge door. Preservative makes them to be resistant to change in temperature which increases there shelf life. There are a compartment in the fridge known as butter compartment . Not every fridge has this but if your fridge have this than sore butter and cheese it as it is made for this.

Meat drawer:- many fridge have special compartment specially for meats. It is designed to be cooler than the other part of the fridge except freezer. Ideal temperature for meat drawer is 36°F. Cooler temperature slow the rapid growth of bacteria and gives your meat a long life and be fresh.

Crisper drawer:- it is the drawer we use to store vegetables and fruits. It is not cooler but 8t controls humidity. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer period of time.
Remember: Not all produce benefits from being refrigerated! Onions, garlic and potatoes should all be stored in a cool, dark place. Tomatoes should be stored on the counter, as should melon. Both will get sweeter and more flavorful as they ripen.


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