Have plenty of wines?

People have now become more addicted to wine. It is good for your guts and helps to release stress. Many people consume wine daily while some take it many tes a day. As the usage of wine is more so, you will buy many bottles from supermarket and then you have to store them. The only safe place to store them is nothing but your fridge.

What if your wine bottle need more space as your fridge already have milk bottles, sauces, and many more things in it. It is time to give your wine their own house that is, go buy a new wine fridge. In the market of wine fridge you are a new costumer and you do not have any idea about its price, how to buy it, what are the measures to take while buying. Do not worry as this article will sort out your problem. Let us start.

The wine bottles we are recommending can store upto 50 bottles of wine. The price of wine fridge will be around low to mid hundreds of dollars in price. But, of you want to buy an expensive one for your precious wines than sorry as this article is not for you. There are plenty of websites you can prefer for buying expensive ones.

There are two types of wine fridges available in market. One have compressor in it just like a fridge have. Second one is the thermoelectric based wine fridge. It is also called as silent as it does not make any sound. It is better option due to its quiteness. But as everything have it’s drawback it also has. It will not coll your wine bottle kuch as the one with compressor will. They take out heat from the fridge but the cool air it brings, is much less than the heat it is taking out.

Compressor units on the other hand is just like a normal fridge. It will cool your wine bottle as a normal fridge can. It will be smaller in size than normal fridge. It is the “hum” of the fridge which will be a bit noisier than the thermoelectric one. It is much better in colling the bottles.which is why we will prefer it for the first time buyers.

Insider Tip: A prominent manufacturer of both thermoelectric and compressor wine fridges has also confirmed to us that compressor is the way to go. They simply make both because both sell.

Then comes the exterior and design which is up to you. Buy the one which will suit you place where you are going to keep it. It comes as woody, metallic exteriors and inside of it has stainless steel racks, you can buy according to your style. Remember that the capacity of bottles depends on the size of bottles. If your bottles are bigger or smaller than you can store more or less according to its size.


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